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Building Breakthrough Climate Tech Companies

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Incubating and growing cutting-edge
energy-tech and climate startups for a
net-zero world


World-class stakeholders

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We are a consortium of multinationals and VCs with proven track record in energy tech, nurturing our portfolio companies and helping them
accelerate their product-market fit.


We provide real capital, in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority, to early-stage deep-tech promising startups that can make back real value while addressing climate change challenges


We incubate our startups providing them with access to our world-class partners and investors, helping them grow from science to product to market


We are the natural home for climate startups - we develop an ecosystem of founders, investors and industrial players that combine hard science with an ambition to reduce C02 emissions


At NetZero, our investment landscape focuses on the earliest stages of innovation, nurturing pre-proof of concept (POC) startups and companies ready to launch into the pilot stage. We're committed to guiding groundbreaking ideas through every step of their formative journey.

Our investments focus on areas of high global interest as well as
our stakeholders’ core competencies:

Energy Tech
Renewable Energy 2.0
Energy Storage & Transport
Energy Management
Alternative Fuels & Hydrogen

Sustainability Tech
Circular Economy & Materials
Water Tech
Carbon Tech

Why us?

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  • Up to USD 2 million Equity Investment

  • Part of the IIA Incubator Track detailed here

  • Potential follow on investments 

  • Dedicated intros to global network of specialized investors


Access our
industry partners

  • Fast track your product-market fit

  • Gain business experience with top tier multinational companies



  • Meeting milestones with the support of CTO and CBD team

  • Improving governance

  • Product guidance and development

  • Finance guidance


Gain visibility

  • Be a part of our vibrant ecosystem through meetups, events & networking opportunities


Meet our growing portfolio

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We provide our portfolio companies with funding, guidance and connections to accelerate their growth trajectory via our network of highly committed partners.

Electric micro-generation solution for households using water and air
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Nanotechnology that improves the efficiency of electrolyzes, fuel cells and batteries
AI algorithm that detects biological contaminations in water by type and point of origin
A semiconductor-based chip and instrument that detect and analyze hydrogen in gas blends

News & Insights

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Geshem: Emergency Relief Fund for Israel's Early Stage Startups

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Under Establishment

Amidst adversity presented by the current military conflict in our region, opportunity unfolds. 

NetZero is playing a pivotal role establishing the Geshem Fund in collaboration with other incubators and Israel Innovation Authority. Geshem supports promising deep tech early stage startups, the bedrock of Israel's innovation prowess.
Join us to gain exposure to the full scope of Israel's early stage innovation landscape. 

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