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Driving Innovation in ClimaTech

NetZero’s mission is to invest in very early stage and high-risk ClimaTech ventures.

Through an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and global partners,

NetZero aims to shape the future of ClimaTech Innovation.

World Class Stakeholders

Areas of Interest

“We focus primarily on opportunities in distributed energy, hydrogen, climate change & environment, and E-mobility”

Investing in the 3 D's of Energy

Areas of Interest
About Us
Solar Energy

About NetZero

Building an ecosystem to save our planet

NetZero is shaping the future of ClimaTech through a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and industry partners. 


Founded in 2022 through the Israeli Innovation Authority’s Incubator Program, Netzero's incubator harnesses the global reach of its key stakeholders with the innovation of its local teams in Israel. 

In addition to empowering our portfolio companies through capital investment, we provide industry expertise, mentorship and access to NetZero’s full scope of partners. Together, we will help identify market gaps and assist our portfolio companies to run beta sites and reach product market fit with greater success and efficiency

We are proactive at every stage of our companies’ lifecycles, and committed to reaching our shared goals. 

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