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Meetup: Deep Energy & Climate Tech Investing

NetZero Tech Ventures proudly co-led the 'Deep Energy & Climate Tech Investments' event alongside EnergyCom on Feb 5th, 2024. It was an inspiring gathering, bringing together over 100 of the key ecosystem stakeholders, including active investors, entrepreneurs, and leading academic researchers dedicated to advancing the deep tech energy and climate solutions.

Climate Tech holds promise to lead the next wave of Israeli innovation. Already in 2023, it was the 2nd most active sector in Israeli tech in terms of number of rounds (see Startup Nation Central latest report).

The highlights of the event included a panel of active energy and climate tech investors with the participation of Yael Weisz Zilberman, Eveline Steinberger, Calanit Valfer, Ido Fishler and Moran Haviv, a presentation by Amos Lasker and then by Tami Warshavski תמי ורשבסקי on the new and updated support programs by the Israel Innovation Authority רשות החדשנות to fortify deep-tech research and startups, and an insightful conversation between Shmuel Kedmi, Uzi Yemin ( עוזי ימין ) and Assaf Sayada, who shared their entrepreneurial journey in energy tech, offering valuable lessons and inspiration to future entrepreneurs. We concluded with a short token to Prof Yoel Sasson for his contribution to sprouting numerous climate tech startups from his lab.


We are grateful for the vibrant discussions, the exchange of innovative ideas, and the opportunity to further cement our commitment to support the growth of energy and climate tech. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the event's success.


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