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Leading the charge on hydrogen tech

NetZero Technologies Ventures is proud to be featured in Deloitte's latest report as one of the active investors doubling down on the hydrogen space in Israel.

Hydrogen is a pivotal player in the energy transition, with an increasing recognition of its essential role in aligning economics with the world's climate targets, particularly in order to decarbonize the hard-to-abate industries.

Israel's hydrogen sector is backed by advanced academic research, substantial investments, interest from leading local and foreign investors, and government grants - driving factors that have the potential to position Israel as a frontrunner in hydrogen technologies.

Our portfolio companies Chiral Energies and Fast Sense are both part of this growing sector and profiled in the report. Chiral Energies is developing a nanocoating material based on research from the Weizmann Institute of Science and HUJI with “chiral induced spin selectivity” (CISS) effect. This material, when applied on the anode of electrolyzers, fuel cell systems, and batteries, can lead to superior electrode performance and energy efficiency increase. Fast Sense is commercializing a discovery from Bar Ilan University that facilitates the monitor and analysis of hydrogen in gas mixtures, providing much needed visibility to prevent leakages in storage and transportation of hydrogen.

To read the full Deloitte report:


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